Outreach Programs

Wee Kirk Outreach

More than 90% of our gifts and offerings go to our Outreach Program, focusing on serving the neediest children and families in Avery County. Through our members generosity, we provide swimming lessons for children in kindergarten and 2nd grade, essential needs, medical care, and enrichment programs along with stipends for some Mayland Community College students. We thank all of our members for their continued support of Wee Kirk and its mission in Avery County.

Neediest Kids Program

Our “Neediest Kids” Outreach Program continues to serve an urgent and growing need in Avery County, still one of the poorest counties in North Carolina. The focus of the program is through the public school system that enables us to assist students who, through no fault of their own, need assistance in reaching for their full potential. We also work directly with “Volunteer Avery County”  as well as Avery Partnership for Children. We also provide scholarships to Mayland Community College for high school graduates who wish to further their education but lack the resources to enroll.

Expenditures during a recent school year include many time-urgent cases similar to these four specific examples:

  • Clothing and personal hygiene for student who lost everything in a house fire
  • Cap and gown so student could participate in graduation
  • Food card for student with no food in house
  • Basketball shoes so student could participate

We continue to be impressed with the way in which these organizations determine the needs, handle the expenditures and report back to us . . . all on a confidential and as-needed basis. Individual needs are always sudden and unexpected, and working arrangements with these groups and agencies enable the Wee Kirk to work behind the scenes so we can respond quickly. You can be certain that your financial gifts to the Wee Kirk “Neediest Kids” Outreach Program are being put to very good use, efficiently, and for deserving cases where other assistance options simply are not available or cannot be addressed in a timely manner.